We believe in work-life balance and integration.

As a young firm, we are not encumbered by the entrenched attitudes which can prove difficult for some traditional law firms to shake.

Our team members work in a way that empowers them to deliver exceptional client service, but also allows them the flexibility to manage responsibilities at home and to live life to the full.

Our firm has been built from the ground up with the systems and processes necessary to support a new way of working, where people can work at our office, at clients’ premises or from home, as their work and life demands.

We offer a range of different career paths, and work with each new team member to establish what is the best fit, providing the right platform to enable career growth.

Some of our people are consultants, some are employees (either part or full-time), and some are owners of the firm (equity partners). We also recognise that, over time, people’s priorities may change, and we are fully supportive of this.

We believe that building a sustainable firm for the long-term requires such flexibility. By supporting our team in this way, we foster creativity and break down barriers to diversity and inclusion, allowing our members to thrive and our clients to benefit from the best of our people.

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