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VAT number:  GB234328129    ICO number:  ZA326521

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We are smart, problem-solving lawyers with a great understanding of the planning, design and construction process and deliver exceptional project management skills. 


We particularly excel working on complex, mission-critical projects, where the normal rules may not apply.  This often occurs where the risks of project failure far outweigh the initial capital outlay or there would be significant reputational damage.  We work on data centres (Connected World) and other mission-critical projects.  


  • Mainstream construction, engineering and infrastructure

    • Built environment

    • Mission critical

    • Transport

    • Energy

    • Telecoms (see Connected World, next slide)


  • Legal, commercial and procurement advice

  • Disputes


  • Strategic partnerships

    • Contract administrators, cost consultants and project managers

    • Expert planners and programmers

    • Procurement experts

    • Project delivery experts

We seek out projects where the “usual rules” do not apply.