GDPR Update – April 2021

The government has recently discussed reforming data protection law and diverging from the EU’s GDPR regulation. This move is designed to allow information to flow more freely and drive growth in the global digital economy. This is good news for anyone dealing purely with UK data as it should make reaching adequacy agreements with other non EU countries easier . However, anyone holding EU data will still have to manage their compliance with the EU regulation. Those companies that hold both EU and UK data (and this is not always a simple question to answer) will likely need to run a dual system, which may be complex and time consuming. Knowing which rules apply to your data sets and transfers will have never been more important.


Businesses and individuals will need legal advice to help them understand the risks they may face and the options that may be open to them.
We are available to assist in reviewing the laws in many jurisdictions across the world, and to review specific contracts. We are also available to provide practical, business-orientated advice on how to best protect yourself from the ongoing commercial effects of Covid-19.


For further advice on GDPR or pursing your contractual rights, please contact Philip Brown.

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